Energy ServicesHeating and electric bills can be difficult to pay. For moderate to low income households, apply to see if Area Five can help. Benefit amounts vary based on application details.

Download the 2019 Application Packet

Download the 2019 Energy Education Survey

Download the 2019 Landlord Affidavit


To apply you must have:

·        Completed AND SIGNED a 2019 EAP Application Packet

·        Copied Applicants (whomever signed application) State issued Driver’s License or ID

·        Social Security cards for everyone in the household

·        Proof of Veteran Status or Disability

·        Documentation of income for the last 3 complete consecutive months, not including month of application, for everyone in the household 18 years of age and older

·        Household members 18 years of age or older without income must sign a Department of Workforce Development - Release of Information and a Zero Income Verification Affidavit identifying how basic needs are met.  

·        High School/College Students, up to age 18-23 must submit a copy of their school schedule.

·        Landlord Affidavit for renters with utilities included in their rent needs completed and signed by the current landlord, with all landlord contact information provided.

·        Proof of Home ownership must be provide to receive an additional State benefit to your primary heat source.  THIS IS THE LAST YEAR FOR STATE HOMEOWNER BENEFITS. 

·        Current heating and light bills at the residence of application

·        Energy Education is available to help individuals learn ways to conserve energy, which will help to reduce heating and cooling expenses if used properly.  Completing the Energy Education form and being approved for Energy Assistance will allow households to receive additional tips, tools, and ideas for conserving energy in your home.

Maximum 3 Month Income allowed:

·        One-person household- No more than $5,933

·        Two-person household- No more than $7,759

·        Three-person household- No more than $9,584

·        Four-person household- No more than $11,410

*For additional guidelines for larger families, please contact us.