Head Start Guidelines

Head Start Guidelines

Our Head Start programs follow established guidelines and policies designed to keep your children safe and provide the best possible learning environment.


We do not provide direct transportation services.

Caregivers will be responsible for daily transportation to and from preschool.

We do have information about public transit available.


Area Five Head Start implements the Creative Curriculum along with a series of well-planned units that promote language, literacy, math, science, creative arts, social/emotional development, approaches to learning, physical health & development, logic & reasoning, and English language development. children receive a variety of learning experiences and participate in daily indoor and outdoor play.

Your child's progress will be assessed throughout the school year in the child outcomes framework. Teachers work with your child to complete checklists, rating scales, and anecdotal observations. Results are shared with you throughout the year and also used to plan educational experiences based on your child's strengths, needs and interests.

Head Start Health Forms:

Head Start Guidelines

Health Services

Head Start provides health and educational screenings to all enrolled children. Children receive screenings relating to speech and language, developmental skills, social emotional development, hearing and vision, height and weight. Results of your child's screenings will be provided to you but otherwise kept confidential. Head Start assists families in accessing health and dental care and health insurance coverage. 

To apply for Head Start, visit your nearest participating location: